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The Thin Man - (1943) MGM

Her Nora Charles came from money but was eager for thrills, so she pushed husband and former detective Nick into one comic adventure after another as he solved seemingly impenetrable whodunits.  The first of six films in the series I think this one still shines as the best. Excellent characters throughout, and many time worn plots abound making it an enjoyable and memorable film.  

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The Best Years of Our Lives - (1946) MGM 

William Wyler directed this American classic of   three veterans returning home after W.W.II, readjusting  to civilian life. Robert Sherwood's script from   MacKinlay Kantor's book perfectly captured mood   of postwar U.S., still powerful today. In an emotional   opening scene three servicemen share a cab home   to join their families. Each reunion is uneasy and   touching, but immediately enrapture you to the film.  

Seven Oscars include Best Picture, Wyler, March,   Russell, Sherwood, Daniel Mandell's editing,   Hugo Friedhofer's score. Russell, an actual veteran  who lost his hands, also took home a second Oscar,  a special award for bringing hope and courage   to other veterans. Remade as TV movie RETURNING HOME.

The Gang celebrate at Butches:  

Left to Right:  Homer Parish (Harold Russell), Peggy Stephensen (Thersa Wright), Fred Derry ( Dana Andrews), Milly Stephensen (Myrna Loy), Butch Engle (Hoagy Carmichael), Al Stephensen (Fredric March)

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  Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream house - (1948) MGM 

If you have ever thought of doing extensive renovations to your home or buying a new fixer upper you need to watch this film for a reality check. 

Jim and Muriel Blandings are a New York couple trying to simplify their lives, but as fate would have it buying a cottage in the country is anything but simple. Cary is marvelous as a man under pressure doing his level best to deal with the situation. Myrna seems almost oblivious to the problems and just supports her husband in his every move. One of the best scenes in the film is when Myrna, describing the colours she would like her walls painted with the most elaborate and amusing detail, has her efforts completely thwarted by the painters.  


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Myrna Loy (1905 - 1993) Academy Awards

  Honorary and Other Awards 1990.